CineSat on RedHat Enterprise Linux

:GO: CineSat Server Specification V4.82

Current CineSat RedHat Enterprise Linux Platform is 8.3.

In accordance with customer hardware upgrade cycles, CineSat will drop support for older RHEL versions by end of 2020. On request, we will offer Extended Lifecycle License for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (64-bit) to RHEL 7 for a limited migration period in 2021.

RedHat Lifecycle

Status RHEL
Release RedHat - End
Full Support
RedHat - End
Maintenance 1
RedHat - End
Maintenance 2
End of Support
:STATUSGREEN: 8.x 2019-05-07 2024-05 2024-05 *) 2029-05 2024-12-31
:STATUSRED: 7.x 2014-06-10 2019-08-06 2020-08-06 2024-06-30 2020-12-31
:STATUSRED: 6.x 2010-11-10 2016-05-10 2017-05-10 2020-11-30 2018-12-31
:STATUSRED: 5.x 2007-03-15 2013-01-08 2014-01-31 2017-03-31 2018-12-31
:STATUSRED: 4.x 2005-02-14 2009-03-31 2011-02-16 2012-02-29 2018-12-31
:STATUSRED: 3.x 2003-10-23 2006-07-20 2007-06-30 2010-10-31 2018-12-31

*) Please note that RedHat has dropped Maintenance Phase 1 for RHEL 8, i.e. after May 2024 there will be no enhanced functionality and no hardware compatibility updates.
In 2024, RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 will directly switch from its “growth” phase to the “frozen, but still secured” phase.

The formal life cycle of RedHat Enterprise Linux major version is 10 years, but after 5 years, users, vendors and application developers may face severe limitations:

RedHat Full Support Phase

:STATUSGREEN: Growth Phase
In this phase, RedHat will add new features, enhance existing functions, and optimize hardware support. The focus lies on resolving defects of medium or higher priority.

Full Support Phase duration for RHEL 5,6,7: 5.5 years
Full Support Phase duration for RHEL 8: 5 years

:CS: End of this phase also means: no guarantee for further software compatibility of libraries and tools as required for an integrating and networking application like CineSat. Due to community efforts, compatibility will usually work well beyond the life-time of an operating system, but efforts may be significant and no supplier guarantee can be given after RedHat closes its full support phase.

RedHat Maintenance 1 Phase

:STATUSYELLOW: Keep Alive Phase
Maintenance Phase I emphasizes maintaining infrastructure stability for production environments and enhancing the reliability of the operating system. Future minor releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 will now focus solely on retaining and improving this stability rather than net-new features.
RedHat will only add new device drivers (hardware compatibility), if they do not imply major changes.
New software functionality is not available during this phase.
The focus lies on resolving urgent- or high-priority bugs.

Maintenance 1 phase duration for RHEL 5,6,7: 1 year
Maintenance 1 phase duration for RHEL 8: 0
This phase has been dropped completely for RHEL 8.

:CS: End of this phase means:

  • No guarantee that this OS can be installed on latest hardware or works with hardware component replacements
  • CineSat servers and workstations will no longer be delivered with this OS
RedHat Maintenance 2 Phase

:PRIO2: Frozen but still secured
No new functionality and no new hardware enablement.
Only critical impact security advisories and selected urgent bug fix advisories will be resolved.
RedHat recommends using only virtualized installation due to fading hardware support.

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