GEPARD was established in 1988 in Vienna, Austria, as a team of experts to research and develop sophisticated methods and computer systems for

  • Earth Observation and Meteorology
  • Industrial Vision Systems
  • Simulation


Major strengths of the team are a wide scientific knowledge, a reputation for quality and service, and the ability to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

The experience gained from industrial and scientific developments is augmented by cooperation with experts in research and industry.

Projects & Products

GEPARD has often proposed interdisciplinary solutions. Our systems incorporate off-the-shelf products, efficiently combined with tailored software development. Products and services range from feasibility studies and innovative design, to system development, integration, testing, training, services and support.

Customized Systems

We can provide you with customised solutions to a variety of your requests and requirements. Our knowledge of the technically feasible options enables us to create still better and more user friendly systems.

GEPARD´s success is founded on a simple principle: We always look for the best solution for our partner.

Main Specialization

The project record of the past 30 years illustrates our experiences in

  • Technical software development and high-performance data analysis
  • Mathematical modelling, statistics and physics
  • Advanced digital image analysis and pattern recognition
  • Efficiently combining all these disciplines with modern computer architecture
  • Image quality assessment and enhancement )*
  • Real-time implementation of vision systems
  • Creative, inter-disciplinary system design
  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf product development (see e.g. CineSat)
  • Feasibility studies and Consulting

GEPARD has its roots in the development of very demanding real-time applications on dedicated parallel computing platforms (see ESA/Space projects since 1989). Today we apply these experiences to the high-performance implementation of software on modern multi-core and multi-processor Unix systems.

)* Image in this context is usually a dense visualization of physical measurement data, often in combination with overlay drawings to make analysis results visible.


Quality is a key component of our work. It means strict quality control of the software production process.

Throughout the last 25 years GEPARD has realised studies and development projects as main contractor for the European Space Agency (ESA) and EUMETSAT. To guarantee high quality software development, GEPARD has implemented the demanding ESA Software Engineering Standards for all development projects.


GEPARD has an impressive track record of innovations and an increasing reputation for finding a solution to really challenging problems.

Nevertheless, no project is too 'small', we also like it fast, simple and smart.


The successful and pleasant cooperation with commercial and research partners is augmented by synergy benefits for all involved parties.

A number of interesting solutions has been developed in close cooperation with research institutes. On this occasion, we'd like to thank our research partners for the pleasant and valuable cooperation. Always looking forward to master new challenges together again.

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